I know, I KNOW! (From the pictures below) It looks like I'm having the F@&Kin' time of my like DOESN'T it? These were stage for an illegal marriage... but maybe you can tell from the look on my face?

I just moved to Las Vegas and I have to admit I was missing home; but this was Vegas! Cheap homes, good paying jobs... I was having a crappy time of it, knee deep in student loans, unemployed for over two years... I thought "HEY" maybe I'll give this Vegas a try...

So I picked up everything and moved to Vegas... 

Enter Gabriela Draghici, she gave me the pitch... I would marry her so she could get her green card. She would show me around, she knew "A LOT" of people, we now know why.

I should have known she was playing me, but she was Beautiful and I was a bit socially awkward​; she said all the right things. She wanted to be an actress and feed her poor family, her mom had a heart condition, she really needed to be able to work.

I agreed to do this for her, I took no money... I wanted to help... I was the perfect sucker for the girl who turned out to be a professional Escort.


It all started with a three day trip to Romania, I met a nice girl I only knew as Oana... I learned later, Oana is the setup person, she looks for Suckers... and the girls pay Oana for the names.

When I was in Vegas I received a call from "Gabi", she was a total stranger, but she told me she got my number from Oana... in truth she paid Oana a lot of money for my contact. 

Gabriela was an Escort in Vegas looking to have more room to make money, up until this point she was on an about to expire tourist visa, she need a Green card, I was the person to get it for her.

I agreed to help her for no money, but she insisted on giving me $200 USD a month to help me with rent for the place I would have to move into so she could put her name on the lease.

The real reason she wanted to pay me was so she could later blackmail me when I wanted to get out of the deal.

I was dealing with a network of professional illegal immigrant criminals.


OANA (The SETUP Girl) aka Mad'am

Are You A Candidate

IG: @lightshine222

The look on your face when you know you just 


My Story

The Girl called OANA

pictured above; the person I knew only as Oana, a random girl I meet in Romainia. I thought she was a friend... I learned later that she has "Sugar Daddies" all around the world she scams for money... She trains the Escorts, she finds them marks, they pay her for the names... I was one of those names... from the first moment I shook her hand, I was just dollar sighs in her eyes. 

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